Product Update: We’re updating our Maps

Hi Developers, we’re updating the look and feel of our maps!

If you are currently using the TomTom Map Display API, you will see an automatic update to the map style by May 6, 2021. However, if you use vector tiles nothing will be visible in your application until you activate the new style manually. (To learn how to manually update the style, check out this blog post.)

This map style will now include:

  • Natural Features
  • Improved City & Street Labels
  • Recognizable Transit Elements
  • Modern Color Changes
  • Better Organized POIs

To learn more about this update to the Map Display API, please read the full announcement here.

A big THANK YOU to the product teams that contributed to this release:
Ioanna Kostara, Dominika Spolnik, Kyumars Sheykh Esmaili, Olivier Lambert, Tijs De Bus, Betty De Saedeleer, Francesco Perfetto, Gaurav Shah, Mathias De Flou, Dagmara Juraszczyk, Guthrie Alexander, Maciej Wyrzuc, Robert Jadczak, Richard Corke, Golnaz Boroujeni, Anatoli Haranovich, Dieter Verhofstadt, Bram Vanmeirhaeghe and Kamron Clifford.