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Hello, I wonder if the score that comes back from the MAPS api is equivalent to the value of the attached table?

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Hi Andson,

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What is the score that you are referring to?

Hi, thank’s.

I am referring to the image score below:

This score has nothing to do with the zoom level.
It only represent how close the result is to the requested verb.
From the docs: “A larger score means there is a probability
that a Result meeting the query criteria is higher.”

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OK thank you.
And is there any documentation that gives me more information about the calculation of this score?

No, we don’t provide more info about how this is calculated.
Can you tell what is the reason that you are asking of it?

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The score is obviously some sort of calculation that tells the user how accurate we can expect the geocode to be. I’ve received some with scores less than 9, which were unusable because they were nowhere near the actual location. Please provide us some understanding regarding the reliability of the score value. The original question had nothing to do with “zoom” level, it was regarding distance between the geocode returned and the actual lat/long coordinates. Thank you.

I assume that you are using lat,lon parameters to bias the results?

Hi John.
Yes, you are correct. The score is a result of a calculation within a specific request. The value of the score is relative and limited to one request and higher score is given to more relevant results. The match is a combination of fuzzy query matching and multiple other signals that the Search-API receives. Score is used to set the order of results on the list.
The value`s boundaries are not explicitly documented as they are not meant to serve customer needs apart from justifying the results order.