POIs Search is returned random total amount of results, less than before

Hi Team,
I am re-executing a request I made some months ago and returned close to 2000 total results, but now I see that total results vary from request to request between 90 to 100… Also, I get the same for any request I do that should return more than that amount of results.
Can you help me to figure out what is going on?

Here is the URL for the request I am doing: https://api.tomtom.com/search/2/poiSearch/Firestone%20Complete%20Auto%20Care.json?countrySet=US&view=Unified&relatedPois=all&key=***&offset=10&limit=100

Thanks in advance,

Can you tell what is the use case here?

We want to paginate the different POIs on a country for a given search term or brand set, showing them to the user.
Then the user can select what POIs they want and with the coordinates we run a set of searches in Google Places APIs.

The issue we are having is that the showed data is incomplete, since no more than 100 POIs are returned by the API.

The service was designed for searching POIs and not extracting all or a bigger subset of POIs.

I am not performing any data extraction.

Should I assume from now on the limit is 90-100 results, even when the documentation says 2000 results is the limit?

Any updates on this?