Points of Interest Search


I am trying the Points of Interest Search, I am using lat, long and radios. I am doing everything in the right way but I get zero results. I am even trying the example that is already set on the API try section still does not work.
Any Idea?
Can someone give me a sample on how to call POI API with radius?

Many thanks,

Hi Omar.

It’s hard to say it without any details.
The following call is searching for pizza in Amsterdam city. You can increase radius parameter so that you will see more results.

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Hi Omar,
Please note, that radius has to be provided in meters. If you still face issues, best to share your request here.


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Many thanks Szczepanczyk,
Its working fine now.
Is there a way to get all category and subcategory list, like API that we call.
Many thanks in advance.

Thanks Redel, for the tip.

POI Categories endpoint gives a list of possible categories.
Here is a link to the docs: https://developer.tomtom.com/search-api/search-api-documentation-poi-categories/poi-categories

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