Points of interest, GPS locations

Hello all. I have registered for a developer key and I have emailed TomTom with this question, but I did not get a reply in weeks.
Is it possible to obtain the GPS positions for pharmacies in some particular European country?
This type of stores are usually included in maps as PointsOfInterest, I think.


Search API is a service that you are looking for.
Example request that searches for pharmacies in Great Britain:


you can play with it in API Explorer: https://developer.tomtom.com/content/search-api-explorer#/Search/get_search__versionNumber__search__query___ext_


Thanks Przemek! That is exactly what I was asking but it only returns 10 random pharmacies. How do I get the full list of 9000 or something, stores?

you can try with parameters limit and ofs to retrieve more entries.
But this service was not designed to make bulk requests…


Additionally you have the possibility to use a categorySet=7326 filter. This allows you to send an empty query string OR provide a query string that will only try to match pharmacies in that case.

Can you share what is your scenario to develop such a crawler, so that we can advise more?


I am trying to build an app/plugin on a web site which will allow users to see the pharmacies near them but especially the out-of-hours (emergency pharmacies), the timetables of which will come from the pharmacists union, directly.

Is there an API usage document somewhere? Where do I read all these permitted parameters myself, perhaps on a paid subscription model?

Here is the link: https://developer.tomtom.com/search-api/search-api-documentation-search/fuzzy-search
Were you trying to find it on the Portal?


Thank you!
I tried prayer and meditation, first, but I got nowhere, GPS or no GPS! :crazy_face: