Plot the route as a point instead of a linestring

“type”: “Feature”,
“geometry”: {
“type”: “Point”,
“coordinates”: properties.route

‘id’: id,
‘type’: ‘circle’,
‘source’: {
‘type’: ‘geojson’,
‘data’: {
‘type’: geoJSON[“type”],
‘geometry’: geoJSON[“geometry”],
‘paint’: {
‘circle-radius’: 20,
‘circle-color’: ‘white’,
‘circle-stroke-color’: ‘#3887be’,
‘circle-stroke-width’: 3

The above is my code for plotting the route as series of points. But I can’t see anything in map. Please help me to do this.

I was able to make it with this code:

var geojson = response.toGeoJson();
geojson.features[0].geometry.type = 'MultiPoint';
	'id': 'route',
	'type': 'circle',
	'source': {
		'type': 'geojson',
		'data': geojson
	'paint': {
		'circle-radius': 10,
		'circle-color': '#4a90e2'
}, findFirstBuildingLayerId());

Thank you @maloleps for the support. :+1: