Plot 400000-500000 markers on map

Is there a way we can plot 400k to 500k markers using some plugin or with sdk it self i tried but it hangs browser. At some point of time.

Why do you want to plot so many markers at the same time?


I’m making an application with 6k and the map is already very slow, and the browser often crashes.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Showing only markers that are valid for current viewport + some margin.

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Is it possible to load only the points that we have in the maps view according to the zoom in which the user is?

How would I do that?

For example:
When Map’s moveend is fired, it sends a request to the backend with current bounds + zoom. Backend decides if it returns markers within defined bounds or clustered markers or at all. And then they are displayed on a map.

I understand, I believe it is a solution, I will try.

Thanks a lot for the help