Placing an ImageSource at a point

I want to place an icon image (png format) at a geographical point and I do not want it scaled in any way for zooming. In Google maps I defined its location in lat/long for one corner of the image (I don’t remember which) and offsets and scaling constants in pixels from that point. In Tomtom maps I only see lng/lat for each corner, so I’m not sure how to map to that without dynamic calculations.

Am I missing something or using the wrong feature?


That sounds like this example: Examples | Maps SDK for Web (v6) | TomTom Developer Portal

Yes, but it implies it uses all four coordinates which could skew or scale the image. However, if only the first set of coords is used, then that makes sense. The documentation doesn’t say which is true (altough using only the first set of coordinates makes the most sense. I will try that and see what happens.


It is described:

Corners of an image specified in `[longitude, latitude]` pairs. Arrays containing coordinates are listed in clockwise order:

1. top-left
2. top-right
3. bottom-right
4. bottom-left

link to the style specification: Map Style Specification | Map Display API Documentation, Map Styles | Map Display API | TomTom Developer Portal
Search for: “Image Properties”

I’m sorry for the noise. I see the solution is in the marker style and the createMarker function in the example for creating a custom marker.

Thank you.

Sharing knowledge is always welcome. I do not see this as noise.