Perl Geo Coder TomTom

I installed the CPAN module to test some queries with Perl against TomTom but I am not getting back the requested location data.
I used my API key but the Response object comes back as:

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Any ideas?

it uses a decommissioned service.
Current geocoder uses other path.
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So, Perl requests are just not supported anymore?
Is no longer maintained?

Maintainer of this code didn’t update it to use a new endpoint.

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I tried “constructing” the new endpoint according to the API reference: ```

But I am not sure what <query> should be, for starters... 
Is anyone using successfully, perhaps after some "surgery" to its source code?

In query you need to put the address that you wish to geocode.
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Thank you. When I find some time I will repair and try and get it to do what it used to do before.

Good stuff!
Looks like I’ve managed to repair the Perl module and it works as it used to.
Who is responsible for the now unmaintained on CPAN?
I am more than happy to tidy-up the surgery I did to it and submit to CPAN for other prospective users to find it working after doing: cpan[1]> install Geo::Coder::TomTom


That is out of TomTom. If I were you I would try to contact gray, who created this module, to make a PR to his code.

If it is not an option -

I actually sent that guy an email, right after responding to you here, last night.
I also added another method to for calculateRoute.
Thanks for your feedback. I doubt I will be able to take over the modules’ maintenance, as I am responsible for too much code, already. I’ll just finish it on my source tree and use it for our project, only.