Ordering Annotations, Routes and Chevron layers

Is there any way to change the ordering of these layers? Preferably we would want to have the chevron above the annotations, especially after a certain zoom level, but we weren’t able to find any sdk functionality that would allow us to reorder the z-axis of things. Thanks!

Have you tried with this: https://developer.tomtom.com/maps-sdk-ios/dynamic-layer-ordering ?

How do we find the ID’s for components like the chevrons? Is there any documentation other than the example provided that would contain the id values for chevrons, annotations, etc?

It is not documented. You could check the returned array of http://d221h2fa9j1k6s.cloudfront.net/downloads/mapssdk/APIReferences/APIDocMap_2.4.714/Classes/TTMapStyle.html#/c:objc(cs)TTMapStyle(im)getLayers

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