Option to show incidents icons for a zoomlevel


I am trying out the new V6 beta for my application. And I must say that I really like the more lean and slick layout. Especially regarding traffic incidents. No longer all the icons visible for the small roads that clutters up the map.

How can I set that main incidents are shown for a certain level? The issue for me is that I have a permanent zoom level 12. In this level, the icons aren’t shown. I have to zoom in to 13 to make the main icons appear. I want the icons shown in zoom level 13 appear in level 12.

Have an awesome 2021!

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This is defined in the style. So if you wish to have other settings, then you need to create your own custom style. For this you can use Map Styler - https://developer.tomtom.com/maps-api/map-styler
Then you can check the style with this example: https://developer.tomtom.com/maps-sdk-web-js-public-preview/functional-examples#examples,map,setting-custom-map-style.html

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Thanks. This will work just perfect for me. :slight_smile:
May I suggest to take a look in the naming? There are too many options called toll, major, international, a.s.o. It takes a third look to understand of what I am about to change.

@maloleps The Map Styles export isn’t working. After I’ve typed the name of my style and press export, nothing happens.

I see that this is related to some Chrome browser rules.
Can you check in other browser? Like Firefox.

First the best wishes for 2021!
The problem is gone and works now. Let’s go and import the created styles. :slight_smile:

I only use FireFox as a browser.

Hope it brings less global events like pandemic…
We will still take a look at this issue, cause it happens on newest Chrome.

What you’re doing is very appreciated by me. That TomTom offers this support regardless having a license.

Result is that lately I suggested to take a look at the TomTom API for a commercial project. It didn’t make it, but TomTom is now on their list as potential solution.


Thank you for the positive feedback!

One note regarding exporting/saving issue - my browser was reporting that an iframe was sandboxed, while the source didn’t confirm that. I turned off addons in my browser and now it’s working fine.