Openlr decode performance issue


We are developing the traffic project, we are getting the traffic data from
tomtom( as of now URL is not open for us. we are using the sample proto data.

Here the issue is, when we try to decode the data using openlr(openlr.decoder.OpenLRDecoder;) its consuming more time to return response( example 1 sec for 1 record).

We have almost 43000 records needs to process approx. its takes almost 40 mins which run by 200 threads.

Could you please help to sort out issue.

Java Sample:

ByteArray openLRByteArray = new ByteArray((byte[]) trafficFlow.getLocation().getOpenlr().toByteArray());
LocationReference locRef = new LocationReferenceBinaryImpl("", openLRByteArray);
Location decodedLoc = new OpenLRDecoder().decode(decParam, locRef);


@sudhaharv Thanks for your posting question. OpenLR related questions can be posted on our OpenLR GitHub channel. I see you have already followed that advise as your question has also been posted there (