Open-lr Coordinates pairs in Intermediate Traffic Service "Traffic Flow Detailed"

Following the definition I need to divide the coordinates by 100000 to get the WGS coodinates

[5.2.1.Coordinate pairCoordinate pair stands for a pair of WGS84 longitude (lon) andlatitude (lat) values. This coordinate pair specifies a geometric point in a digital map. The lon and lat values are stored in decamicrodegreeresolution (510, five decimals)]

in fact I get this kind of coordinates after decoding the open-lr data
Coords(lon=135.04869818623044, lat=80.60155034026813)
the coordinates must be in the range lon=4.xxxx lat=50.xxxx
I do not see how I can reach these value from the decompressed and
Is there somewhere an offset to use?
I am using the openlr-js from to decode the open-lr protocol.