Only one city traffic data

How do we get only one city’s traffic data to come?

To get incidents traffic data you can set the BoundingBox in the IncidentDetailsQueryBuilder to get data from the chosen area.
Check out traffic documentation.

The example you gave is valid only for traffic incidents. I don’t want the traffic flow to show up either.

I don’t understand.
Can you clarify which service are you using and what data you need?

Sorry if I expressed it wrong, we just want to see the traffic flow of a city. For example, I only want to see the traffic flow of London, scrolling the map does not show the traffic flow of other cities.

Currently, it is impossible to show traffic flow only for the selected area.

Well, is it possible to show only the area we have determined on the map? For example, only the map of London should be displayed, and the maps of other cities cannot be accessed.

Try to set a GestureConfiguration to the map with maxBounds property.

        val londonBoundingBox = BoundingBox(LatLng(51.719370, -0.519648), LatLng(51.307238, 0.343306))
        val gestureConfiguration = GesturesConfiguration.Builder()

thank you, problem solved