Official documentation not complying with Terms And Conditions?


Looking at the TOS, storing geocodes results is forbidden:

“Results” means any information delivered by the Maps APIs in response to a request and which, without limitation may include geocodes and reverse geocodes, map data tiles and route information.

12.3. The caching or storing of any Results shall be prohibited

But, the official documentation presents this use case for the Geocoding API:

Data transformation : Geocoding is an important component of data transformation because it can improve the data quality of a company’s address database by cleaning and enhancing data .

How can the API be used to improve a company’s address database if we cannot store the result in said database?

  1. Is the use case (and so the documentation) invalid?
  2. Or is the use case valid? In which case, how can we interpret the TOS regarding storing address from the API?
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