Not showing openingHours?

Hi all, first time in here so if I made any mistake please be gentle :grinning:

I am a beginner of the SDK and trying the API. Currently I am learning FuzzySearch. I want to get “OpeningHours” however in “Try it out” The results doesnt show any OpeningHours even I use the example (for input), enabled next7days option. It still only shows the results without any information about openinghours except once (after that I use same input it won’t shows). Can anyone give me idea?

Thanks in advance.


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Please, can you give the link where you checked for it? (please, provide link to “Try it out” that you used)

We are adding the opening hours to the SDK example:
Search output parameters

It should be visible there after weekend.

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Hi Brozak,

Thanks for your quick reply. I was busy and couldn’t test it until just now.

I tried the link you provided but in the result tab it still not showing any opening hours (I use pizza as query string and leave the rest untouched).

Also the link I tried is (clicked Try it out)

What I did I use pizza as query string again and removed “TomTom” as well as for the electric car charging option. I also select OH as next7days.

Thanks for your help once again


The example is updated for requesting and showing opening hours, however the coverage of this feature is very limited (I found 2 mc donald’s restaurant in the London area having this data).


In the API explorer (Try it out) you need to set this openingHours parameter. For my particular example, I had to remove values for majority of other params:

I hope that it clarifies the parameter for you.

Hi Brozak.

I tried your example and the McDonal in my country are work. I guess some POIs I am interested in TomTom may not have the information.