Not all POI's have poiDetails ID?


I’ve been digging in the POI Search recently and just found out that while most of the POI’s that the search finds have poiDetails, some of them doesn’t.

I was wondering what’s the reason for that and if there is a way to display poiDetails for all search POI’s.

For example i’ve been searching for the Eiffel Tower and it does not have poiDetails, so i can’t see the details of the tower like ratings / reviews, etc…

Am i missing something?

If only certain POI categories support poiDetails, where i can read, which ones are they?

Dear Stanimirov,

Many thanks for trying out our POI Details API. You are right that not all POIs have such details, this is simply caused by the fact that we don’t have access to such information for all POIs. The coverage of ratings/reviews etc. strongly differs per POI category, some of the categories where most of the POIs have Details are: Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Tourist attractions.

In the case of the Eiffel Tower, you are right to assume that we should have some ratings, reviews and photos for this well known landmark. I checked and indeed it seems this rich data is however not linked to the POI, I have created an internal task to look into this and resolve it.

Kind regards,
Maarten Clements (TomTom PM Search)

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