Noob guidance needed

Hello, please pardon me if I’m asking dumb questions. I"m brand new to this whole thing.
I’m trying to replace the google api in my Joomla template as google now is charging for everything.
My use case is a contact form where it will key on my location and provide directions/routing/ whatever else is available.
I can use php (preferably ) jquery or js.
currently for google I have

<iframe width=<?php echo $width; ?> height=<?php echo $height; ?> src=“<?php echo $api . "&q=" . $name . $address . $suburb . $state; ?>”>

How can I do this with tomtom?
Thanks in advance & God Bless


Welcome to our community :slight_smile:

It seems that for your use case, using a Maps SDK for Web (JavaScript) will be a great choice. You can easily embed your JS application similar like you did in your example and everything should work fine. We do not provide all functionalities which maps/embed/v1/place provides out of the box, but it can be easily developed using our Maps SDK for Web.
To make things even easier, please take a look at our Maps SDK for Web tutorials which contains code examples needed for your use case.

Let us know if you’ll have more questions.

Good luck & God Bless you and your project too!