No such module 'TomTomOnlineSDKMaps'

I got an error like this: error: no such module ‘TomTomOnlineSDKMaps’

I also got this error when I tried to install pods using CocoaPods: Cloning spec repo cocoapods from

Then I changed the source like this: source ‘’ still the pod was not installed.

How are you cloning the spec? Normally it works by adding the following lines in the Podfile in your app directory using cocoapods

  pod 'TomTomOnlineSDKMaps'
  pod 'TomTomOnlineSDKRouting'
  pod 'TomTomOnlineSDKMapsDriving'
  pod 'TomTomOnlineSDKMapsStaticImage'
  pod 'TomTomOnlineSDKMapsUIExtensions'
  pod 'TomTomOnlineUtils'