Newbie question regarding markers on map

I am new to using Tom Tom but so far very impressed. I have snippets of code below. I am trying to use the map by updating a location of vehicles moving. The map updates with the same or moving markers. I was able to clear all the markers but not. only show the latest location added. Is there is an easy way to clear the map before adding the latest marker. I hope I am providing enough information for you to help answer my question. Thanks in advance for any help.

I have the following code:
tt.setProductInfo(‘myapp’, ‘1’);
var map ={

key: ‘my key’,
container: ‘mapid’,
dragPan: !isMobileOrTablet(),
center: [longitude, latitude],
zoom: 9


map.addControl(new tt.FullscreenControl());
map.addControl(new tt.NavigationControl());
map.on(‘load’, function() {

call this function to update map

var newmarker;

function createMarker(icon, position, color, popupText) {
markerElement = document.createElement(‘div’);
markerElement.className = ‘marker’;

var markerContentElement = document.createElement('div');
markerContentElement.className = 'marker-content'; = color;

var iconElement = document.createElement('div');
iconElement.className = 'marker-icon'; =
    'url(${pageContext.request.contextPath}/resources/assets/images/custom-markers/' + icon + ')';

var popup = new tt.Popup({offset: 30}).setText(popupText);

// add marker to map
newmarker = new tt.Marker({element: markerElement, anchor: 'bottom'})


I had the solution already but must of missed something. I just looped through the array and remove them. Pretty easy.

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