Need help in the Routing API

I am new to Tomtom.

Where can I find the code sample from this tutorial?

Unfortunately it wasn’t published

Is there any code sample available with Routing API? I appreciate any help in this matter.

In which language/technology?

I am open to any language/technology. This is my first Tomtom project.

I am trying to create a mobile app(Android or/and IOS) using the Routing API.

Hey , I have this sample code in one of my repos:

Let me know if that helps?


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Yes, this information is very helpful.

Can you also share a sample of developing/deploying mobile apps through TomTom? I open to Android IOS or Cross-platform.

I appreciate your help in this matter.

Thank You.

We do have tutorials for our mobile SDKS.Here is an example for Android: Time to leave | Maps SDK for Android

or iOS: Search along a route | Maps SDK for iOS

And for cross platform, have you seen our video about Quasar or Flutter?

Let us know if we can help.