nearbySearch API limited results

I am getting limited results while using the nearbySearch API - no matter the radius I set for the search (I am comparing between a radius of 100 and 10000). I have chosen a very populous area to test the API and the same code has previously worked well!{api_key}&lat=-26.146&lon=28.042&radius=10000&limit=100&countrySet=ZA&language=en-GB&ofs=0.

‘totalResults’ is never greater than or equal to 100 (typically around 96). Am I doing something wrong? All results returned are within a ±100m radius of my search coordinates no matter what radius I select.

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Hi, I am having the same issue. Please help!

Can you explain what is your use case?

I need to pull all POIs within a set of 2-3 km grids. I would like to be able to use ofs to paginate through all data returned for a certain grid.

I have chosen larger grids for efficiency purposes.

This data is to be used for modelling in the given area.

And is it all done in runtime?

Yes, done in runtime

The data is pulled once (and potentially updated regularly). So, it can be thought of as a batch job.

Our Terms and Conditions do not allow to store responses from our services.

My apologies, I was not aware. Thanks for letting me know. Assuming we’re using it at runtime, how do we solve that problem?

The issue is that this service is not designed for use in data analysis. It was created to respond to a user (human) query.