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I was looking here and didn´t find a navigation map, like on-line location update while following the turn-by-turn list, so is there an already solution, or I would need to use like the turn-by-turn route and then something like the JS code to keep reading the GPS and link to the route ?
Another doubt is if I use/develop the navigation then it could be offline after the route starting ? or need to go to the server get the tiles for each new position ?

Hi there,
you can use tt.GeolocateControl to obtain user location. You can read more here:

Our maps are loaded in bounding boxes, so in case of long roads, you will need to stay online.

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but by using this command then this will run inside the app (comparison of route and user´s location), like not keeping connecting to the server to either update the tiles or do the location comparison, and then consuming credits ? otherwise depending the navigation distance this would turn in 20 or more credits, so navigation cost would become difficult for a free app.
Initial idea for the navigation is for a walking, so distances would be short (like parking a car in a mall and app drive you back to that location after you walk around), but later could use same navigation for a car in a city.

as I´m mainly a hardware person, then JS is something I´m learning now…

You are not making API calls when you are using tt.GeolocateControl, so you can consider it free.
When you are making an API call with routing API, you receive a list of turn-by-turn instructions all at once. So as long as you, for example, import these instructions and won’t call routing API anymore, it is only one call. So pretty much all you will use multiple times, in this case, is the map display, which will be used every time you refresh, move, or zoom the map.

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thanks again.
Is there a navigation example/demo ??
so then need to see/discover how many tiles usually are downloaded for the first screen, and then how the update is done, and then have an idea on unit cost for like a 10 or 20km navigation by car, and a 1km walking navigation (in a mall, as mentioned above), and from there know how this would scale in high volumes.

You can check our youtube tutorial on routing API:

If you need other information, feel free to check other tutorials on the channel or check out our blog:

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