Navigation for specific route with multiple stops

Hello dear community,

I work as a bus driver, and we often have specific routes that we need to follow. Currently, I’m using the TomTom GO Professional 6250, which includes over 100 POI (Points of Interest) for specific stops, along with routes that I’ve mapped using the MyDrive online portal. In general, it works pretty well. However, I can’t see what time the satnav expects me to arrive at a specific stop, and there is often an issue where it tries to change the route to a “better” one.

That’s the introduction; now, onto the question! :blush:

Is it possible to use the TomTom SDK/API to create an app with routes where I can force the navigation to follow specific roads, both on normal routes and roads that the satnav believes to be closed? Additionally, can I have an expected timeline for each stop on the route? (A route typically consists of a maximum of 15 stops.)

I’ve tried using Google Maps, but it has limitations in terms of the number of stops it can handle, and it often attempts to change the route.

Thanks in advance.


In general, if a road is closed, then you can’t force Routing Engine to calculate a route thru it.
Routing API returns travel times for each stage, so you should be able to calculate the timeline.