Missing zoom levels from API request

I am using the TomTom API to download Traffic data.
I am trying to download the following Z/X/Y tile 16/32482/21716 and whilst it downloads ok, when I convert to MVT and view the folder, zoom level 5 is the max??

Why would this be, when I’m requesting zoom level 16??

What are you using to convert?

I am using the following ogr2ogr command

ogr2ogr -f mvt -oo z=16 -oo x=32482 -oo y=21716 output.mvt input.pbf

I’ve also tried other more built-up areas and they are also only returning a max zoom level of 5 even though I am requested 16

So you saved every tile on disc - this is not allowed.
ogr2ogr - we do not support this software.

How do I convert the tiles to MVT format and get all the required zoom levels?