Missing/not updated POI data

hello, I’m using the Search API on the /search/2/nearbySearch/.json endpoint and I noticed that there is missing/not updated POI data, any update forecast? I’m from SP Brazil

You can report map changes (like missing POI, POI changes) using Map Share.

I didn’t know this existed, thanks.

I have a small database with several data from the region here that are missing(several extracts from when I used google’s PlacesAPI), is there any way I can send them all at once?

There is a product that would help here: Map Input Tracker
But this one is usually offered to bigger companies.

thanks, i’ll take a look

I made nine POI requests yesterday on Map Share, and as of this afternoon, all were accepted. How long before these changes appear on Map Share and also Uber and Lyft?

We upload the information from MapShare to the production environment every few days.

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