Minimal android app example with map

Hello, I can not compile any sample or new project (with instructions from web site).
Can anybody send me simple example for TomTom maps:

android studio, java, with 1 default activity with map.

Thank you for help.

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probably the most simple project is this one:
Can you try to clone it, put API key in proper places and build?

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Thank you for link. Yes, this sample worked! I will try to explore and use this in my test project.

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I try to use the same code in my project and get error (build or compile):

Could not HEAD ‘’. Received status code 502 from server: Bad Gateway

I folow the example instructions:

  1. add: maven…
  2. add: implementation
  3. add buildConfigField(“String”, “MAPS_API_KEY”,

And get such error

you can probably just remove jcenter() from the list of repositories

Yes, this help me, thank you )

I have tried this sample and got the following warning and the map is not displayed.

The ‘kotlin-android-extensions’ Gradle plugin is deprecated. Please use this migration guide ( to start working with View Binding (View Binding  |  Android Developers) and the ‘kotlin-parcelize’ plugin.

Compatible side by side NDK version was not found. Default is 21.0.6113669.

Any help appreciated.