Migrate maps content to PostgreSQL

HI there,

I am newbie on using tomtom data and first I am doing some research on how to download maps fom some countries (done that - I have *.tar.gz files) and now I want to migrate this content to a relational database PostgreSQL to use it after by GeoServer (PostGIS).

Thanks for support!

So you downloaded maps for PNDs and now you want to use them with PostGIS?

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I have downloaded them directly from website (I’ve seen another way by using rest api or the content downloader tool), now since I have the sources on my drive, I want to migrate / import them to postgreSQL to use them with postGIS.

I still don’t know which product are you referring to.

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Family 10: MULTINET-R / EUR / 2021.12.005

Hi again, any suggestion on this topic - Map Content? (below are the downloaded files to be migrated to postgres)


You should be contacted by people that provide support for this.

I was already contacted, thanks a lot for support!

Hi Andrei, if you dont mind, may I ask how did you load those file?