Method Recommendation

Hi! I am working on a project for my school.
I need to implement a map on a react native app that will work on both Android and Web.
My map should contain public places (No navigation or something complicated), and allow the user to pick a public place. When the user pick a place (For example ‘Pizza Hut’) I want to be able to get the details of the chosen place.
I thought about creating a map for web in JS file and use WebView to show it, but I didn’t succeed. Nothing was shown on page even though there were no exceptions thrown.
I thought about implementing the map twice for Android and Web but I am afraid it will be a lot of work and I don’t have enough time.

What would you do? What is the right way to implement this?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any ready solution for implementing maps to the android app and the web with one code.

You can use Web SDK to create a web application with JavaScript and HTML.
Then you can open created page on the computer and mobile devices (e.g., Android). But I’m not sure if this solution matches your case.