Meaning of Field Names

Hi, I’m trying to understand what does field names mean in the data output of Traffic Incidents API. For example:

  1. magnitudeOfDelay: What is the exact order here? Is it 1 (high) and 5 (low) or something else?
  2. delay: Does this value give the real time delay in seconds?

Also, I’ve given a start and end coordinates. Is it normal for it to break down into available coordinates between these and give the traffic details? If I don’t want this information, can I get the overall delay etc between my min and max coordinates? For ex: I’d like to know the overall delay (if there is any) and the reason for delay between Atlanta Airport and Northeast Expressway, Atlanta.

Any response here is appreciated!


These fields are documented. Here is the documentation:

Answering the second part: I would use Routing API Calculate route endpoint with an option to return sections with traffic.

Thank you for your response. This helps!