Matrix routing v2 request counts

Hello, I’m a bit confused about how the number of requests is calculated. According to the pricing page
linked below the number of transactions for a matrix with 1 origin and 5 destinations should be equal to 5. Looking at the nontile request count this is counted as 40 requests. How does this work?

Pricing page

The number of transactions for Matrix routing is equal to the multiplication of origin points and destination points - assuming that the number is lower or equal to five.
Therefore, in mentioned case, the number of transactions should be counted as 5.

If your request was counted differently, please, share the API call you are making so we can investigate.

Thank you Michał,
Interestingly, the request number is correct (i.e. 5) in the usage graph in the dashboard, but is counted as 40 in free non-tile request count.

The below example “Post” body only has 1 origin and 2 destinations but is counted as 16 non-tile requests. I’m using the following endpoint****

“origins”: [
“point”: {“latitude”: 51.49880,“longitude”: -0.17430}

“destinations”: [
“point”: {“latitude”: 51.51141,“longitude”: 0.11848}
“point”: {“latitude”: 51.51141,“longitude”: -0.11848}
“options”: {
“departAt”: “now”,
“traffic”: “live”,
“travelMode”: “car”,
“avoid”: [“unpavedRoads”]

Hi again,
We found an issue with displaying used transactions in our dashboard.
Thank you for pointing this out.
We will work on fixing the issue.

Thank you for looking into this.