Markers clustering documentation?

Is there any documentation about markers clustering beside the example?
The example without any comment is not much of use.

I’m using SDK v5.47

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I’ll try to be more specific.
I can’t understand if and how it is possible to show more than one set of clusters on the map, in my application I have 2 categories of markers and I need to clusterize them and be able to show/hide them dynamically.
I have no problem with SDK v4.47 by using markerClusterGroup() on the 2 sets of markers and by assigning the result to 2 variables to have the 2 categories of clusters and then addLayer() and removeLayer() to show/hide them on the map, but I can’t get how to do the same with the new version.


the approach used in V5 is different, the clusters are added to the map using a layer. This layer must be a cluster type layer.

You can have a look at the properties of this layer here:
Look for cluster.

If you need to customize what is rendered on the map you can then use queryRenderedFeatures and querySourceFeatures. The documentation is available here:

Hope this helps.

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