MarkerAnchor offset issue


I apologize for keep posting the questions I have, but these issues are preventing me from making further progress.

This time I have a question about MarkerAnchor.

First let me explain how I used the MarkerAnchor in my activity.

//first I am getting a MarkerAnchor instance here
MarkerAnchor markerAnchor = MarkerAnchor.Top;
//I am assigning my custom offsets here
markerAnchor.xIconOffset = 3f; 
markerAnchor.yIconOffset = 3f;
BaseMarkerBalloon balloon = new BaseMarkerBalloon();
balloon.addProperty(, "some name"); 
MarkerBuilder markerBuilder = new MarkerBuilder(position)
            .decal(true); //By default is false
Marker marker = tomtomMap.addMarker(markerBuilder);

The above lines are typical codes for marker creation, except that I used my own customized values for MarkerAnchor offsets.
But when the above lines were executed, the position of the marker did not reflect the customized offsets of MarkerAnchor.

After creating the marker, I also tried to change the values of the offsets as below lines.

marker.getAnchor().xIconOffset = newOffsetX;
marker.getAnchor().yIconOffset = newOffsetY;

But the marker was still neglecting the changed offsets of the MarkerAnchor. It did not have any effect on the position of the marker icon.

What I am trying to achieve here is to control the positions of the marker icon, while keeping its LatLon the same.

So, with regard to the MarkerAnchor issue, is there anything I am missing? Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

I’ve passed your question to the SDK team because after testing I can see a similar behavior as you described. Let’s wait for the answer.