Marker Balloon Problems

How to add a simple balloon to a marker in Dialog Fragment? I tried with the normal example and then select them but nothing, even clicking them does not work. Also, when the app goes in background marker balloon disappears and clicking on them does not work in Activity. Do i need to attach an adapter?

you can see how to create a custom Ballon in this tutorial Search along a route. Operating on markers in Dialog Fragment is basically the same as in Activity.
The problem with clicking on markers can be solved by setting markerBalloonViewAdapter in onResume, however, the ballon will still be dismissed.
map.markerSettings.markerBalloonViewAdapter = createCustomViewAdapter()


Yeah, i’ve seen that example thats why i asked if i should use an adapter but i didnt go thru with this. I will just add a textview to display the address. But thanks for your help.