Maps: traffic incidents balloon language

Good morning:

I’m trying to get balloon information about a traffic incidents in Spanish. Now, only shows in English (as you can see in the following attachment).


Could someone help me and tell me how to get that information in Spanish?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.


Currently turnOnVectorTrafficIncidents method doesn’t provide any additional options for changing the language. You can however customize all traffic incidents details by calling a traffic service directly:

IncidentDetailsQuery incidentDetailsQuery = IncidentDetailsQueryBuilder.create(
    (int) tomtomMap.getZoomLevel(),

trafficApi.findIncidentDetails(incidentDetailsQuery, new IncidentDetailsResultListener() {

public void onTrafficIncidentDetailsResult(IncidentDetailsResponse incidentDetailsResponse) {
    //traffic incidents with custom language description.

public void onTrafficIncidentDetailsError(Throwable throwable) {



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