Maps SDK for Web Version 6 released to General Availability + deprecations of previous versions

Hi, TomTom Developer community!

We just wanted to give you an update that starting today, version 6 of our Maps SDK for Web is now the latest and the greatest available on TomTom Developer Portal.

Feel free to check out this blog post for a more detailed overview of improvements and features.

Older versions (V3, V4, and V5) will be deprecated. If you are actively developing your web application start migration to V6 now with the help of our tutorials.

In addition, make sure to download libraries, the offline version of the documentation, examples, and plugins for your current version before the withdrawal date.

Kudos to our development team who made it happen:
@kaczmaka @brozak @blaszczk @michalbialecki @falseinput, Eduardo Marques, Ihor Voronovskyi, and Adam Balwierz.