Maps SDK for Flutter

Any plans releasing Maps SDK for Flutter in the near future?

Hi Ravi,

Thanks for asking, I would like that too.



Unfortunately we do not have any SDK written in Dart yet and for now, there are no such plans.

It should be possible however to use Flutter PlatformView and platform channel features to make it work.

Here are some links:

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The platformview has some challenges when you want to develop for Android and IOS.

  • Currently only supported for Android (should be coming in the next few weeks for iOS)
  • Embedding Android views is an expensive operation and should be avoided when a Flutter equivalent is possible.



Maybe as a workaround, you can check the flutter_map package?

I’ve created a small example project which displays a TomTom map. You only have to paste your API key inside the main.dart file and it should work.



Hi. I’m looking to incorporate turn by turn navigation into a Flutter project. I saw your post from last year and wondered if you have made progress with TomTom in Flutter and whether you have used Turn by Turn navigation?
Many thanks


There are talks going on about expanding to different technologies like ReactNative or Flutter. Unfortunately, there are no official dates yet.


Hi Developers! Whoever is interested in Flutter and willing to share some insights as to what you are building etc., could you please drop me a note (, so we could understand your requirements better? Thank you in advance! :slightly_smiling_face:

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