Map tiles not displaying until window resize

Hi all, I’ve run into a really weird problem: my TomTom’s map tiles aren’t displaying correctly, UNTIL I minimize and then maximize the screen (then it’s all perfect from there). This is only on PC … it works a bit better on mobile (a bit lagged but the tiles do come in)

That tells me there’s maybe a problem with the map not being able to initialize properly in WordPress, but I’ll show you what I’ve tried below.

Page where you can experience this yourself (drag the selector to TomTom):

Not working:

I’ve tried setting the height in CSS (this is something Google Maps is explicit about as well).

I’ve also tried changing from Vector to Raster maps, no difference.

As you can see from my site, the Google Maps map loads fine in exactly the same environment … so I’m at a total loss about what I’m missing here. Any suggestions?

Hi! could you share the code you used to initialize the map?

It’s hard to guess just from that. do you do any on resize of the map container on the fly? if yes you would have to do a map.resize after that.

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