Map Logo reposition

Hi. How do i reposition the map logo without using the initial configuration that is on the example?

let logoPosition = TTLogoPosition(verticalPosition: .bottom, horizontalPosition: .right)

let mapConfig = TTMapConfigurationBuilder.create().withTomTomLogoPosition(logoPosition).build()

let mapview = TTMapView(mapConfiguration: mapConfig)

The TomTom logo can be positioned only during initialization, there is no option for repositioning.

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Is there a problem if the map logo does not appear after moving from main page?

What do you mean by “moving from main page”?

I mean the bottom part of map it is not visible. I use padding for map but the logo is hidden. If not i can place an Image View with the logo, maybe?

Terms and conditions states: “In addition, you agree not to remove, obscure,
mask or change any logo and/or copyright notice placed on or automatically generated by the
Mobile SDKs”
So this logo should be visible.