Map-display:0.12.0 java code

i have working java code using com.tomtom.sdk:maps-display:0.3.509, but now need to port to use com.tomtom.sdk.maps:map-display:0.12.0
Having java code:
PolylineOptions polylineOptions = new PolylineOptions(…, CapType.INVERSE_DIAMOND,CapType.DIAMOND);
but now can not resolve the types CapType.INVERSE_DIAMOND,CapType.DIAMOND


in java those types just int (4 and 3) but it was the lesser problem porting to java.
The solution is, mixing java and kotlin code in the project, i implemented extension functions (in kotlin) for the class TomTomMap with functionality i need, then calling them from java.
Thanks to all, who wanted to help me.

also please note that those types are: CapType.InverseDiamond and CapType.Diamond