Map api database connectivity

Previously, I stored relevant latitudes and longitudes data for some places in a database. Can I show these places in a map via those stored data by using tomtom api?
Thanks in advance.


As we don’t know from which source you took those coordinates into your database, the answer is that you can display it using our APIs, however, please keep in mind that there are caching rules in our Terms and Conditions which must be respected by the end-users. If you want to cache/store any data which are not listed in the Terms and Conditions you need to sign a custom contract for that.


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This example shows marker in the predefined locations, but you can get the locations from any source in JavaScript:

If you have geojson with points, then you can overlay it.

Thank you very much. I will take a look at it

Thank you for your response earlier. I tried it (,code,custom-markers.html), but it didn’t work for me. Now even map showing feature is also not working for me. I included my api key and my application name and its version for required locations. I also included all the necessary javascript files mentioned in the tutorial. But it didn’t work for me. Then I tried a basic tutorial like map viewing, which worked for me earlier. It is also not working now. However, search box function which I coded last week based on (,map,search-with-autocomplete.html) tutorial is still working. Rest of the other tutorials, including map viewing feature is not working. It does not show any error messages also. I couldn’t figure out whether I missed something. I would be grateful, if you could help me to figure out the issue.
Thanks in advance.

The custom marker feature worked for me. I had to make a little change. Then it worked. Thanks for your time.