Map API connectivity

I tried this tutorial (,code,custom-markers.html), but it didn’t work for me. Now even map showing feature is also not working for me. I included my api key and my application name and its version for required locations. I also included all the necessary javascript files mentioned in the tutorial. But it didn’t work for me. Then I tried a basic tutorial like map viewing, which worked for me earlier. It is also not working now. However, search box function which I coded last week based on (,map,search-with-autocomplete.html) tutorial is still working. Rest of the other tutorials, including map viewing feature is not working. It does not show any error messages also. I couldn’t figure out whether I missed something. I would be grateful, if you could help me to figure out the issue.
Thanks in advance.


We can’t help you a lot without analysing your application source code. We have a few tutorials which you can find here:

Let us know if you can share more details.


Thank you for your response. I tried first part of the tutorial you suggested. It worked for me. However, custom marker tutorial [,code,custom-markers.html ] did not work for me. I included all the required things. I couldn’t figure out whether I missed something. Can you clarify that do I need to include a separate style (index.css) sheet for this tutorial also? ```

In the above link do I need to add a separate folder named assets and to that do I need to add index.css file. Thanks in advance.

The custom marker feature worked for me. I had to make a small change. Then it worked. Thanks for your time.

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