Map and route calculation coverage in Slovenia

i am currently using and testing the RoutingAPI (CALCULATE ROUTE) with LEAFLET for truck route calculation (in Slovenia). The problem is that sometimes the route just takes some non-sense turns.

For example:
This is the main road in Slovenia from one city to another. But somehow tomtom wants to go around in middle of road. The road is not for trucks, is longer and does not make any sense any we have to add waypoints to solve this. See photo below for reference (left side the route & right side how it should be):

URL (API key is hidden!):,14.32007:46.25049,14.3453/json?key=MYTOMTOMAPIKEY&routeType=fastest&traffic=true&travelMode=truck&vehicleMaxSpeed=90&vehicleWeight=7883&vehicleAxleWeight=5000&vehicleLength=3&vehicleWidth=3&vehicleHeight=3&vehicleCommercial=true

Any tips or tricks would be helpfull? Thank you.

This place has a weight limit of 7,5 tons.


Thank you for your reply. Yes this was the case in 2013. Now all the transport needs to go through that road (for at least 5 years). Can we do anything?

You can report it via Map Share Reporter

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Thank you very much. I will report it and check if any changes have been made.

BTW, how can i check the selected road restrictions (truck restrictions or any other) on the Map reporter?

Map Share Reporter doesn’t have such function.