Maneuver list & Chevron navigation

Can you share an Android example for chevron? I need to create navigation for the users.

Terms and Conditions don’t allow to make navigation applications with this SDK.
Example with tracking chevron can be found in the example app:

Can you provide an example for the Maneuver? There is not much documentation or sample available.

I was able to create a route using the Android API and not about to provide the direction to the users.

I am on a tight deadline and I appreciate any help.

In the same app:

But remember about TnC!

Can you explain about the terms & condition? So user can’t get the direction with this API?

If so what’s the workaround? and this SDK is not useful with out providing the direction.

During signup you accepted Terms and Conditions. The content is available here: Terms and conditions | TomTom Developer Portal

You may not use the Maps APIs in connection with any Automotive Usage or Navigation Functionality except as otherwise permitted by TomTom under a separate written agreement.

Thank you for the quick response.

Even to get the Maneuver, do I have to get the written agreement? Can you confirm that?

Can you provide more details regarding the written agreement?

Can you share your email address? I will share the details about the project.

For agreements you need to contact our sales - Contact Us | TomTom Developer Portal

I am getting the following error with this code.

Could you please help me to solve this issue?

Probably you are missing google or mavenCentral repository in your project.

Do you have any suggestion for this error?
Could not head ‘’.

try with removing

maven { url '' }

in build.gradle