Low emission zones and vector tails

I’m trying to reach the LEZ’s and visualize restriction description. How I can receive the restrictons? I’ve created the proper url in Qgis as a playground (in the future I will create leaflet layer in react app) but there is no more info than polygon type…

//edit - finally I want to visualize shape of the polygon and short info in tooltip or somewhere (ex. this zone is only for EV, that zone is for vehicles > EURO5 etc.)

I believe that we don’t have a service that returns what is the exact restrictions for such zone.

Thanks for your reply Przemek,
are you sure? so what is the goal of breaking one big LEZ into smaller pieces?
I found this place and I have no idea what does this split mean…

small blue shapes - built up area’s
green fill with navy blue borders - Low emission zone’s


Currently we can’t support your case.