Loading Custom Glyphs into the Map Styler

I’m currently working on a technical piece that highlights some of the features of TomTom’s Map Styler.

I’m stuck trying to demonstrate how custom Glyphs could be loaded into the Map Styler. From the docs here I’m guessing I’d have to specify the URL of my custom glyphs in PBF like so: http://localhost:6001/glyphs/{fontstack}/{range}.pbf. Is that correct?

If yes, then please does anyone happen to know where I could get existing URLs of Glyphs that I could just use for the purpose of my write-up, or is it something I must create myself?

I’m not familiar with Glyphs, so my question might just be stupid lol

You can use this endpoint to look at our ready styles:


Or this to see our defaults glyphs:


Unfortunately, we don’t have any ready glyphs for you to use, except for the default ones.