Live routing data compared to MyDrive

Hello again.

We are still making a lot of analysis as our customers are complaining about the routing results accuracy. Can you tell me if I should get the same results when calling the API for route time and distance between two points, and the same data through the MyDrive application?

A full example to help. Those are Belgium based adresses.

  • Address 1 = “Avenue De Houffalize 35, 6800 Libramont-Chevigny”, 49.92552D, 5.37936D
  • Address 2 = “Rue Des Déportés 137, 6700 Arlon”, 49.67812D, 5.81985D

Right now (not giving any time, Monday morning 9am), MyDrive estimates 48 minutes while the API in fastest mode gives 40 minutes (liveTrafficIncidentsTravelTimeInSeconds ; 35 for noTraffic, 38 for historicTraffic). 42 minutes for API “short” mode, 55 minutes for API “shortest” mode.

Note that estimating for a future date (like, a Tuesday morning) gives the same results in MyDrive and the API… Sadly, the results are always underestimating work road delays, but that’s an other story.


MyDrive uses the same routing engine as our routing API.
The only difference is in the parameters used in the Routing API - it’s more flexible to the user’s needs.