Linear Transition of Chevron

I get the linear transition of chevron when using location from location update listener but when saving location latitude and longitude with geofire on server along with bearing and speed and pass it to matcher the chevron position is jumped to the new position instead of linear transition.
I create a new location with data from server like this:

Location newLocation = new Location("");


ChevronPosition chevronPosition = new ChevronPosition.Builder(matchedLocation).build();

unfortunately, there is no linear transition for displaying chevron. In the case of location update listener, it looks smooth, because the location update is very often. Therefore, in your case, there is no built-in linear transition.

Hi Lukasz,
I get that but if i use Fake Gps and set a new mock location the chevron goes smoothly on the map to the new position without multiple location updates, just one. But if i do the same with data from the server the new position is jumped. Thats why i tend to believe that there must be something that is not transfered from location data to server data. Tbh i thought at first that is the speed that allows that.

I found out that you can set time at which you want chevron to be set at the location.
location.setTime(new Date().getTime() + 100);

Im afraid no luck. I tried adding setElapsedRealtimeNanos but again with no luck.

Are you using the same chevron object and setting the position of it?
I checked it one more time and when you set the first position to the chevron it is created so there is no animation from the current location, but then each update of the position should be smooth.

The problem was not with the location. Everything looked alright, so i decided to stop saving the location with geofire and the bearing separate and just combine them all in one hashmap. That fixed the issue which made me realize that the problem was when i was saving location data to the server. That made the listener trigger 2 or 3 times and the chevron to move immediately to the new position. Thanks for your help Lukasz