Lets create the best Maps SDK for Web

My name is Kasia and I am the Product Manager of Maps SDKs.
It is my daily mission to create Maps SDKs that will bring value to developers like you!
I’d love to learn what it important for you when choosing the best Maps SDK for Web.

Would you like to have influence on TomTom Maps SDK for Web? Please share you feedback and view on:

  1. What are most important factors for you when choosing the Maps SDK for Web (e.g. feature set, development efficiency, quality, support, Others)?
  2. What features are your favourite ones and you would recommend to expand?
  3. What features do you miss in TomTom Maps SDK for Web?

I’m eager to learn from you !


That’s nice Kasia! The Tomtom map sdk for web is already good but it will become even better now you are asking for suggestions.
Working with historical traffic data, for me the quality, speed and the feature set of the sdk are the most important. The more standard geo components available, the better it is. And although I don’t have already answers to your other questions, one thing I wondered about is if it would be possible to draw svg based elements on the map.

kind regards,


Hello Chrit
Thanks for your answers! I’m very interested to learn more about the points you listed :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Quality - I was wondering what quality factors are especially important for you.
  • Speed - This can be lost of things, Could give me more info what this means for you?
  • Standard geo components - What kind of geo components you’d expect in Maps SDK?
  • SVG elements - What kind of SVG element do you have in mind? An SVG image displayed on the map, a marker using an icon in SVG format or something else?
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Cheeeeers!
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Hello Kasia,

Thnxs for the oppertunity to give feedback to TomTom Maps SDK for Web.
Unfortunately there is no ready script yet for optimizing waypoints. I’ve been reading this map SDK will arrive in near future but nobody knows when. Can you specify when this will be?

Thnxs Fred

Hello Fred!
Thanks for your post!
We’re currently working on upgrading the performance of our waypoint optimisation so that it returns even better routes than before, the plan is is to complete these improvements in the second half of 2021. Thank you for your interest in this feature; I will forward the feedback to our team that it is an important feature for our customers. :slightly_smiling_face:

To continue to improve the SDK, I was wondering if you could share what kind of website and what features of Maps SDK you will use. What else, apart from waypoint optimisation, would you need in the SDK to support your use case?

Do you mean second half of 2020 or second half of 2021?