Java Webjar for Maps SDK available

Hello all.

For any interested Java developper, please note that I’ve created a Webjar ( corresponding to the public release of TomTom Maps SDK. I don’t keep it updated for each version, but as it has been integrated to the webjars repositories, anyone can do it by proposing a pull request updating the related pom.xml here :


J Lannoy


Hi thanks for your post.

Can this be used a Web Component?

For example in a framework like Vaadin?


No, it doesn’t define a web component for Maps SDK. It only allows you to embed the JS (and other resources) files in a java project as a JAR library, referencing it in your pom.xml. Rather than hardly copying the files in your project. But you still need to write your HTML / JS.

J Lannoy

Hi @jlannoy,
Readme points to an older version of SDK while it is based on the new one (public preview), isn’t it?